K2 BasicRail System

K2 BasicRail System

All-rounder with only 4 installation steps. Floating with controlled thermal linear expansion.

The BasicRail mounting system for photovoltaic systems has been specially developed for trapezoidal sheet metal roofs. In Germany, the system has an abZ certification.
  • The proven long rail system for trapezoidal sheet metal applications as well as floating with controlled thermal linear expansion.
  • Our best-selling system - over 2 GW installed worldwide
  • All-rounder with only 4 installation steps - also suitable for high load

K2 BasicRail System

System variant

BasicRail systems can now be planned with an elevation. This improves the rear ventilation of the modules and helps with the installation of micro-inverters and power optimisation.
We recommend using this component in very warm regions or to optimise module performance.
RailUp is supplied as a set and does not require any additional material for installation.
Installing on sandwich panels with abZ
The direct connection of BasicRail with BasicClips and self-tapping screws on sandwich panels has a general building approval (abZ) from the DIbT for some sandwich panel manufacturers. This type of installation with building authority approval is unique in Germany.
It requires little time, which results from the high installation speed of the BasicRail system and the direct fastening of the system in the sandwich panels.

K2 BasicRail System

Technical Data

BasicRail System
Scope of application Trapezoidal sheet roof
Fastening type / roof fixture Insertion mounting into BasicClips and screws in the roofing
  • Sheet thickness: ≥ 0.4 mm steel and ≥ 0.5 mm aluminium
  • Sandwich panel: Approval from manufacturer required
  • Crest width: At least 22 mm
  • Flush area surrounding the bore hole: Ø ≥ 20 mm
  • BasicRail: Aluminium (EN AW-6063 T66; 0,64 kg/m)
  • BasicClip: Fibreglass-reinforced polyamide with EPDM
BasicRail dimensions
(W×H) 63 mm × 22,5 mm 
BasicClip dimensions See drawing
Second rail layer SingleRail

Dimensioning scheme BasicRail/BasicClip

w = width / H = height / L = lengths

K2 BasicRail System


Product brochure

Recommendations lightning protection and equipotential bonding

TerraGrif - Potential equalisation

General Assembly and Maintenance Instructions

Assembly instructions - BasicRail

Assembly instructions - D-Dome 6 on trapezdoidal sheet metal with BasicRail System

Assembly instructions - S-Dome 6 on trapezdoidal sheet metal with BasicRail System

Assembly instructions - PVX Minimount

Checklist - Trapezoidal sheet metal / sandwich panel

MCS-Zertifikat - IK0182 03

abZ - BasicRail / BasicClip General approval (Z-14.4-603)

Tender specification - BasicRail

Tender specification - BasicRail with D-Dome on Trapezoidal metal sheet

Tender specification - BasicRail with S-Dome on Trapezoidal metal sheet

abZ/aBG - FischerTHERM Fischer Profil (Z-10.4-901)

abZ/aBG - Sandwich roof element "DP" Brucha (Z-10.4-620)

Static certificate - Montanatherm MTD TL Montana building systems

Sandwich element "SeC" Falk Salzgitter (Z-10.4-786)

abZ/aBG - Sandwich roof element "G4" Metecno (Z-10.4-583)