K2 SolidRail System

K2 SolidRail System

Suitable for different load cases and many ranges of spans inclusive extensive range of rails.

The SolidRail mounting system for photovoltaic assemblies is suitable for nearly all coverings. This includes pan tiles, plain tiles, slate tiles, trapezoidal sheet metal, corrugated fibre cement, corrugated sheet metal and standing seam roof.
  • Comprehensive range of mounting rails for varying load profiles
  • Robust, structurally proven
  • High flexibility for a diverse range of widths

K2 SolidRail System

Scope of application

We offer roof hooks for almost all clay tiles, pantiles, plain tiles and concrete roof tiles. In the SolidRail range, you will find stainless steel roof hooks for low processing possibilities of the tiles.
For the area of trapezoidal sheet metal and sandwich panel roofing, we have various solar fasteners in our range. These enable the PV mounting system to be fixed in the steel or wooden substructure. The matching calottes in various sizes and colours are also included in the scope of delivery. Our solar fasteners have an abZ (general building authority approval) in Germany.
For corrugated roofing, such as Eternit, we offer hanger bolts and solar fasteners. These are equipped with a seal and some have an abZ (general building authority approval) in Germany. The hanger bolts are used for wooden substructures. They are equipped with an adapter plate to which the rail is attached - pre-assembled, of course. We offer different lengths as well as different diameters (M10/M12).
For a steel substructure, we use solar fasteners. These are equipped with a hardened drill point and also have an abZ in Germany.
For sheet metal seam roofing and system roofs (RibRoof, Domico, Klip-Lok, Klip-Tite), we offer various clamps for fastening. This allows you to build PV systems on almost all of these types of roofing.
The following profile types are possible:
  • Double standing seam
  • Angled seam and snap seam
  • Round seam (Bemo, Kalzip, Aluform)
  • Metal roof systems
  • Rib-Roof (Evolution, Speed 500, 465)
  • Domitec, Klip-Lok and Klip-Tite

K2 SolidRail System

K2 SolidRail System


Product brochure

Roof fastenings

Screw Manual

Matrix - Roof hooks

Accessories - pitched roof systems

Recommendations - Lightning protection and equipotential bonding

TerraGrif - Potential equalisation

General Assembly and Maintenance Instructions

Assembly instructions - Pantile roof hooks

Assembly instructions - Plain tile roof hooks

Assembly instructions - Solar fasteners

Assembly instructions - Hanger bolts

Assembly instructions - Standing seam metal

Assembly instructions - RibClamp KL

Assembly instructions - PVX Minimount

Checklist tile - roofing / standing seam

Checklist - corrugated / trapezoidal roofings

Checklist - trapezoidal sheet metal / sandwich panels

abZ clamps for Kalzip standing seam profile panels Z-14.4-560

abZ S-5! seam clamps for standing seam roof elements Z-14.4-719

MCS certificate IK0182 02

Tender specifications - SolidRail Roof tiles

Tender specifications - SolidRail Trapezoidal metal sheet/Sandwich panel

Tender specifications - SolidRail Corrugated fibre cement

Tender specifications - SolidRail Double standing seam

Tender specifications - SolidRail Round seam profile

K2 SolidRail System