K2 MicroRail System (Archive)

K2 MicroRail System

Fixing in the roof covering with self-tapping screws including sealing and without additional parts.

The MicroRail System is a mounting system for corrugated and trapezoidal sheet metal roofs. The short rail system including sealing is fixed directly into the roof covering without additional parts with self-tapping sealing screws. The PV modules are mounted in landscape orientation.
The rail channel is designed for the universal MiniClamp module clamp and is therefore suitable for most module frame heights. In addition module frame grounding can be very easily established using the Terragrif K2MI for the MiniClamp.
  • No fastening in the purlins, therefore fewer roof parameters have to be determined
  • Quick and easy mounting on corrugated sheet metal using an adapter and directly on trapezoidal sheet metal
  • Only two rail lengths for all load cases

K2 MicroRail System

Scope of application

With corrugated sheet roofs, pre-drilling and time-consuming fixing in the roof substructure is no longer necessary.This makes the roof connection of PV systems on corrugated sheet metal roofing just as quick and easy as with our well-known trapezoidal sheet metal systems.
The MicroRail uses the same module clamps as the Dome systems. This means that all commercial roofs can be realized with one type of clamp. For corrugated iron roofs the MicroRail is used as a set with the CSM adapter. Without the corrugated sheet metal adapter it can be installed directly on the trapezoidal sheet metal – just like our MultiRail system.

K2 MicroRail System

Technical data

MicroRail System
Scope of application
Pitched roofs with corrugated/trapezoidal sheet metal or sandwich panels Roof inclination: 5 - 75°
Fastening type / roof fixture Screws in roofing with self-tapping thin sheet screws
  • Sheet thickness: ≥ 0,5 mm (steel and aluminium)
  • Sandwich panel: Approval from ­manufacturer required
  • Trapezoidal sheet crest width: ≥ 22mm *
  • Trapezoidal sheet flush area surrounding bore hole: Ø ≥ 20 mm
  • Corrugated sheet radiuses: 22-45mm
  • Module frame heigh: 30-50mm
Module orientation Horizontal
Material Aluminium (EN AW-6063 T66 / EN AW- 6082 T6); EPDM
Dimensions W×H×L [mm]
  • MicroRail 10/25: 37×26×92/242
  • MicroRail CSM: 36×11×92
* The project-specific minimum high crest width dimension can be found in the Base report.

K2 MicroRail System


Product data sheet

Brochure - pitched roof systems

Assembly instructions

Checklist - trapezoidal sheet metal / sand­wich panels

General Assembly and Maintenance Instructions

Recommendations lightning protection and equipotential bonding

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