K2 MiniRail MK2 System

K2 MiniRail MK2 System

MiniRail with MK2 rail channel - High flexibility and a wide range of applications on the roof are created. The new MK2 rail channel eliminates the need for a separate, dedicated module clamp and improves the connection of the optimisers and the elevation with RailUp.
  • Innovative and statically optimised short rail system that is quick and easy to mount
  • Universal module clamps and suitable for portrait and landscape orientation
  • High planning reliability, optimised for storage and transport
  • 5° elevation with MiniFive: significantly more output thanks to improved ventilation and optimised solar irradiation

K2 MiniRail MK2 System

System variant

Significantly more yield through...
  • Improved rear ventilation
  • Optimized irradiation angles
  • Superior module performance

K2 MiniRail MK2 System

Technical data

 MiniRail MK2 System
SCOPE OF APPLICATION Pitched roofs with trapezoidal sheet: 5 - 75°
FASTENING TYPE / ROOF FIXTURE Screws in roofing with self-tapping thin sheet screws
  • Sheet thickness: ≥ 0.5 mm steel or aluminium
  • Crest width: At least 22 mm *
  • Crest spacing: 101 - 350 mm depending on crest width
  • Flush area surrounding the bore hole: Ø ≥ 20 mm
  • Module frame height: 30 - 50 mm
MODULE ORIENTATION Vertical or horizontal
DIMENSIONS MINIRAIL W × H × L [MM] 85,4 × 31,4 × 385
* The project-specific minimum high crest width dimension can be found in the Base report.

Dimensioning scheme MiniRail

W = width / H = height / L = length

K2 MiniRail MK2 System


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K2 MiniRail MK2 System