K2 RibClamp KL System (Archive)

K2 RibClamp KL System

A pv mounting solution for Klip-Lok® and Klip-Tite® standing seams: Railless landscape assembly with only 3 components is done with our well-known universal MiniClamp (30 - 50 mm).

Portrait assembly is possible with and additional mounting rail and OneMide/OneEnd universal clamps (32 - 42 mm).

  • Ultra-quick assembly solution for roofing types: Klip-Lok® and Klip-Tite®
  • Rail-less landscape assembly with a module supporting clamp
  • Comfortable portrait assembly with SolidRail
  • One clamp fits all: Universal module clamps for landscape and portrait assemblies

K2 RibClamp KL System

K2 RibClamp KL System

Technical data

RibClamp KL System
  • Klip-Lok Classic 700
  • Klip-Lok 406
  • Klip-Tite 700
Module orientation Landscape and portrait
Material Aluminium (EN AW-6063 T66) and stainless steel (1.4301) A2-70
Neigungswinkel 15°, 20°, 25°
Weight 146g
Portrait assembly with SolidRail UltraLight
Dimensioning scheme RibClamp KL
Width, height, depth and connection SolidRail

K2 RibClamp KL System


Product data sheet

Assembly manual - RibClamp KL

General Assembly and Maintenance Instructions

Recommendations lightning protection and equipotential bonding

TerraGrif - Potential equalisation

K2 RibClamp KL System