Dome FixPro S

Product number: 2003384
GTIN: 4251786206049
Product information
Fixing accessories for mounting the K2 Dome 6 system on roofs ≥ 3° on a mounting foot. Depending on the mounting foot, a climber M10 or M12 and an adapter plate are required separately. Suitable for module lengths 828 - 1325 mm. Material: aluminium, stainless steel, PA

Module length [mm]: 828-1325
Mounting systems: K2 Dome 6 System, K2 Dome Zero System
Scope of application: Flat roof
Component type: Roof fixture
Material: Aluminium EN AW 6063 T66, Stainless Steel A2-70, Stainless Steel 1.4301, TPC
Sales unit: 1 Piece
Packaging type:
60 / Bundle
Weight: 2.38 Kg
Customs tariff number: 76109090

Technical Datasheet: Login to see details
Assembly instructions - D-Dome 6 Classic LS: DE EN JA PL RO SL
Assembly instructions - S-Dome 6 Classic LS: DE EN ES FR HU IT JA PL RO SL
Assembly instructions - Dome Zero: DE EN

Compatible Items

BasicRail 22
Product number: 2004279
Length [m]
Quick mounting rail with static confirmation in K2 Base. For mounting with BasicClip on a trapezoidal sheet metal roof or as base rail for the K2 Dome System. Length: 5.95 m. Material: Aluminium EN AW-6063 T66
Length [m]
Adapter plate for Dome FixPro
Product number: 2002546
Hole diameter
Adapter plate for M10 hanger bolts in combination with the Climber M10 or as accessory part for the article Dome FixPro. Dimensions: 50x90. Material: aluminium
Hole diameter
Climber 36/50 for Dome FixPro
Product number: 2003146
Hole diameter
K2 Climber with slotted hole for fixing the K2 SingleRail or CrossRail mounting rail to the M10 hanger bolt or as a connecting element between the flat roof mounting foot and the Dome FixPro. Material: Aluminium EN AW-6063 T66
Hole diameter