K2 MultiRail System

K2 MultiRail System

Roof connection and module railing in one single component. Short rail or a flexible component in various lengths available.
The MultiRail mounting system for photovoltaic assemblies is suitable for trapezoidal and corrugated sheet metal roofs. It blends roof connection with module railing in one single component.
  • Easy and proven – as a short rail or a flexible component in various lengths
  • Quick planning with less material and greater effectiveness
  • Solid base rail for trapezoidal elevation with Dome 6

K2 MultiRail System

System variant

The MultiRail CSM is a roof connection and mounting rail in one. This allows for quick planning with little material input and no pre-drilling or complex fixing in the roof substructure is necessary during installation. Better rear ventilation can be achieved through the elevation with RailUp. The MultiRail CSM is available as a short rail in two lengths.
MultiRail systems can now be planned with an elevation. This improves the rear ventilation of the modules and helps with the installation of micro-inverters and power optimisation.
When installing, we recommend using this component in very warm regions or to optimise module­performance.
RailUp is supplied as a set and requires no additional material for installation.
The combination of the Allrounder component MultiRail and the Peak from our flat-roof system Dome 6 can produce a better angle of incidence with the elevation and thus a higher yield. The clever connection for trapezoidal sheeting is safe in terms of holding force and economical in terms of material and transport.

K2 MultiRail System

Technical Data

MultiRail System
Scope of application
Pitched roofs, 5 - 75°, with trapezoidal sheet
Fastening type / roof fixture
Fastened with self-tapping sheet screws
  • Sheet thickness: ≥ 0.4 mm steel and ≥ 0.5 mm aluminium
  • Crest width: At least 22 mm
  • Maximum crest width: Independent
Aluminium (EN AW-6063 T66); EPDM
W = width [mm] 39
H = height [mm] 35
Rail length [mm]
  • MultiRail 10: 100
  • MultiRail 25: 250
  • MultiRail 4,20: 4200
Second rail layer SingleRail
Dimensioning scheme MultiRail
w = width / H = height / L = lengths

K2 MultiRail System


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